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      1. Welcome to Jiang su Qing He Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. by Share Ltd official website!
        硫酸亞鐵_工業級小蘇打_食品級碳酸氫鈉_片堿_高錳酸鉀_工業鹽_元明粉 - 江蘇清禾化工有限公司

        硫酸亞鐵_工業級小蘇打_食品級碳酸氫鈉_片堿_高錳酸鉀_工業鹽_元明粉 - 江蘇清禾化工有限公司

        Sodium carbonate
        Sodium carbonate...
        Jiang su Qing He Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.is located in the famous historical and cultural city,
        the hometown of premier Zhou EnLai, Huai’an, Jiang Su Province. The people here are gathering of talents,
        and the traffic is developed in this city. Two economic development zones located in the coastal and the Yangtze River intersection,
        the north side is the Yangtze River, the south side near the Taihu Lake,
        the east side is Shanghai, the west side is Nanjing, which makes the amphibious transportation is convenient. 
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        Company:Jiang su Qing He Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
        Mobile phone:18762000055
        Address: Yimei Jadeite City, Qingjiangpu District, Huaian
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